The innovative new swashplate levelling toolkit for the RC helicopter enthusiast

An introduction to easySWASH

The innovative new swash-plate levelling toolkit for the model helicopter enthusiast

Experience drift-free hovers, perfect on-the-spot pirouettes and all-round improved flight control by levelling your model’s swash-plate accurately using easySWASH.

If your swash-plate is not perfectly level (e.g. if it has been levelled by eye) then most likely you and/or your helicopter’s computerised FBL controller will be attempting to compensate for this in real-time during flight. This will lead to poor flight performance and make your model more difficult to fly.

easySWASH is very easy to use and simply clips onto the main rotor shaft above the swash-plate. easySWASH slides to adjust in both length and height so fits most model helicopters regardless of size. Once installed, simply rotate your model’s main shaft by hand (via the main gear or in the case of direct drive, the motor) and adjust the servo linkages as required. That’s all there is to it!

Two sizes fit most helicopters – small fits 100 to 500 size helicopters with a main shaft diameter of 3mm to 8mm and large is for for helicopters over 500 size (with a shaft diameter of over 8mm).

easySWASH is manufactured in the UK using 100% recyclable thermoplastics and includes a lifetime warranty*.

easySWASH is a Registered Trade Mark. Patent Pending.
* In addition to your statutory rights, any defective items will be replaced for the lifetime of the product (lifetime, for the purposes of this warranty, is defined as the period for which the product is being manufactured). Post and packaging costs may apply.

The Benefits of easySWASH

There are so many benefits of easySWASH when compared to traditional methods and tools

Your model helicopter will fly much better with a properly levelled swash-plate and will be much easier to control. Also, if your model helicopter supports flight modes such as Beginner, Intermediate and/or Rescue then levelling the swash-plate will help to prevent drift.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of using the easySWASH toolkit to level your model helicopter’s swash-plate:


How to level your swash-plate using easySWASH and other useful information

It only takes a few minutes to accurately level your swash-plate using easySWASH (please see other considerations below before attempting to level your swash-plate).

Directions for use:

  • Assemble easySWASH by sliding a shaft clamp onto one end of one of the longer square rods and an arm guide onto the other end. Next, slide one of the smaller rods vertically into the arm guide (see bottom image).

  • Clip easySWASH onto your model’s main rotor shaft above the swash-plate (only remove the rotor head if your helicopter is very small and there is not enough space).

  • Slide the easySWASH components along, up or down the square rods as required.

  • Rotate your model’s main shaft by turning the main gear (or the motor if direct drive).

  • Adjust your servo linkages so that your swash-plate arms are just below the bottom of the vertical rod.

Other swash-levelling considerations (regardless of the method or tool used) – servo centring:

It is important to make sure that your model’s servos are centred before you attempt to level the swash-plate. Some model helicopters set their servos to centre position if you connect the model’s battery whilst the transmitter is powered OFF. To do this, leave your transmitter powered off and briefly connect and then disconnect your model’s battery.

If the servos do not centre correctly then it may be necessary to adjust the servo mid-points using your helicopter’s flight controller. Please refer to the flight controller manufacturer’s instructions.

Other swash-leveling considerations (regardless of the method or tool used) – zero pitch:

It is a good idea to check and if necessary adjust your zero pitch after levelling your swash-plate. This is usually achieved by adjusting all three servo linkages up or down by the same number of turns until that the tips of your main blades are level with each other when folded back next to each other. If your swash-plate is level and your zero pitch is set correctly then the tips of your main blades will remain at this level position whilst you rotate the main shaft through 360 degrees.

Other useful information:

A spares bag containing the following items is also included with easySWASH:

  • A longer square rod that can optionally be cut to a preferred length using standard wire cutters.
  • A T-shaped square rod that can be inserted vertically into the arm guide instead of one of the shorter rods if your model’s swash-plate elevator arm is a different length to the aileron arms. Alternatively, on larger models that have different length swash-plate arms, both of the supplied arm guides can be used at the same time.

It is recommended that a very small gap – a fraction of a millimetre is left between the bottom of the tool and the swash-plate arms whilst in use. This will not affect accuracy and will reduce any risk of the swash-plate arms inadvertently deflecting the tool.

IMPORTANT: Choke hazard –  keep easySWASH away from children and pets! Do not expose easySWASH to extreme temperatures (e.g. in a parked car in direct sunlight).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance setting up your helicopter using easySWASH – we are model enthusiasts too and we are here to help!

Where to Buy

easySWASH can be purchased from the following online retailers:

eBay Store (UK with international shipping available)
Anythingheli.com (authorised reseller in the United States)
Distribution enquiries – please feel free to reach out to us if you are a distributor or reseller and are interested in distributing or reselling our products.